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Welcome to Ms. Nolan's class!

Our classroom has individual work stations and a large open area where we work in groups, listen to a story, sing songs or have circle time. We also have an area near the sink for paint, water and messy play. We use the outside soft play area regularly when the weather allows, otherwise we have a room inside with a soft floor covering and soft padding on the walls where we can bounce around on space hoppers and large round or peanut shaped balls. Another favourite area is the multi-sensory room. We can relax and watch shapes projected on the wall, play with soft toys, practise aiming and target throwing and enjoy the swinging chair. There is also a smaller play area with a sand tray, jigsaws, cars, farms, train set, lego and board games. All of these activities help with our fine and gross motor development. These areas also provide opportunities for us to practise our social skills.

October 2020
We had so much fun this month. We really enjoyed dressing up for Halloween, going on the Halloween walk through the village and eating lots and lots of sweets and all good things nice! In history we learned about the bronze age and made bronze age shields. In geography we learned about volcanoes and the ring of fire. This year’s Credit union art competitions theme is ‘Imagine More’, we created lots of amazing art pieces using our imagination.
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September 2020
It is great to be back in school and to see all of our friends. September was a very busy month. We did lots of fun things like making crabs for our rockpool display, visiting the local river, doing a science experiment about water density: salt water v fresh water, it was very interesting. Every Tuesday Seamus comes to teach us GAA. It is so much fun and we are getting better every week.
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