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Senior Infants & First Class

Welcome to Ms. O'Brien's class!

Senior Infants and First Class came back to school in September full of energy and ready to learn! There are 24 pupils in our classroom and we are a busy bunch!

November 2020
From our pictures it looks like we began our Christmas celebrations in November. We did. We put up our decorations at the end of November and made hot chocolate on a very cold day. This month we checked the temperature most days and recorded it as part of Science, we learned about the Antarctica, created penguins and prayed for those in Heaven as it was the month of November. First Class made their first project - based on Arctic or Antarctic animals. Kate had such exciting news - she was a Credit Union Art Competition winner. Well done Kate. November was the first month of winter - we sang 'Winter Song' from Frozen. Some children in first class even performed some of this song on their own.
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October 2020
This month we noticed a difference in the weather. The days are shorter and the weather is not as good. Nonetheless, we had such fun all month. We read lots of Halloween stories, played halloween games and we began to play basketball. Séamus has now finished GAA. We also took part in the credit union art competition. We are taking part in the Ninja competition which is being run by Carlow Library.
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Library's Ninja Challenge
This year we took part in Carlow Library's Ninja Challenge. Each time we read a book we got a Ninja sticker. Now our bookmarks are full and we cannot wait to get our certificates!
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September 2020
This month we learned about Autumn. We listened to stories about hedgehogs and squirrels. We created hedgehogs using clay in art. We went on an Autumn walk, looking at the different leaves falling down in our school garden. Have a look at some of our pictures!
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