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Newsflash Archive 2017-2018

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On this page you will find news articles from the 2017-2018 school year.

26 June 2018: GAA Fun Day in Kildavin
We had a wonderful and warm day in Kildavin with Carlow GAA at a fun day. We completed many activities and enjoyed the very hot sun! Thank you Kildavin and Carlow GAA!
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20 & 21 June: School Tours
This school year the school tour for Junior Infants to Second class took place on 20 June.
Junior and Senior Infants visited Kia Ora Farm.
First and Second Class went to Dublin Zoo. For Third to Sixth class the school tour was planned for 21 June. They travelled to Oceanics Surf School in Tramore. Mrs Nolan's Senior ASD Class and some of Mrs Ryan's Junior ASD class visited Pirates Cove in Courtown.
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19 June 2018: Announcement GAA Fun Day in Kildavin
Kildavin are organising an Interschools GAA Fun Day with Clonegal NS in conjunction with Carlow GAA Development. This will take place in Spellman Park Kildavin on Tuesday, 26th June.


Children should wear their school tracksuit on the day. We are asking parents to drop their children there on Tuesday morning at 9.45 am. Teachers will be there to take your child so please find class teacher when you arrive. Parents are welcome to stay/return at any time to watch the children. Children will need to bring the following:
- Packed lunch and lots of water to drink
- One small treat allowed
- Suncream/Raingear
- Football boots (if you have them)
- Hurl and helmet (if you have them)


Our day will conclude for all children at 2.00pm. We ask parents to collect them from Spellman Park at this time please. If there are any children going to Afterschools please let us know. If you are not available to transport them, please make arrangements with a friend to do so and let us know, the school is unable to provide transport.


18 June 2018: Active School Week
We can all agree this our best Active Week yet. The whole school was in high spirits as the sun was shining and homework was a distant memory. Tracksuit bottoms replaced our unsual uniforms and we had different activities all week: Basketball, Boxing,
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15 June 2018: All Girls Basketball Team Wins Final of Interschool Basketball Competition

What a day we had in Bagnalstown VEC on Friday 15th of June. We were taking part in the Carlow Interschool Basketball Competition. The girls were in the final against Kildavin. There were both 5th and 6th class girls on the team and each player did their very best. At ten seconds to go, we were ahead by one basket when Kildavin came back and scored! We couldn’t believe our luck - we had to play three minutes extra time! In those three minutes we gave everything and in the end we won by three points! The girls came back to the school to such a warm reception! They should be very proud of themselves. Congratulations to all, your hard work definitely payed off!
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14 June 2018: School Magazine on Sale
A big thank you to Ms O' Brien who has volunteered to produce the Magazine this year. Her efforts are very much appreciated. The magazine will be available at the school gate at 2pm and 3pm for 5 euro each.


June 2018: School Tours Announcement
This school year the school tour for Junior Infants to Second class will take place on 20 June. Junior and Senior Infants will visit Kia Ora Farm. The bus leaves 9.15am and returns 2.40pm approx. First and Second Class will visit Dublin Zoo. The bus leaves 8.30am sharp and returns 4pm approx. For Third to Sixth class the school tour is planned for 21 June. They will travel to Oceanics Surf School in Tramore. Bus leaves 8.00am sharp and returns 6.30pm approx. Mrs Nolan's Senior ASD Class and some of Mrs Ryan's Junior ASD Class will visit Pirates Cove in Courtown. Bus leaves 9.15am sharp and returns 3pm approx.


Please dress your child(ren) in the school tracksuit with red polo shirt and appropriate weather gear (rain jacket/sun hat). Make sure all jumpers, hats, etc. have your child's name on them. If weather is sunny, please apply sun cream in the morning and send it with your child so that it can be re-applied. Children will also need a packed lunch and plenty of drinks. If your child is on mediation please send it in a clearly labelled bag, with clear instructions for supervised self-administration.


June 2018: Help needed in preparation of the National Pride of Place
Clonegal village is representing Carlow in the IPB National Pride of Place. The competition focus is on people coming together to shape, change and enjoy all that is good about their area. St Brigid’s National School is part of Clonegal village and we would like to have the school looking its best for the Pride of Place Competition. Your help is needed to achieve this.
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June 2018: Sports Day Announcement
The Active School Week for this school year will take place from 18 to 22 June. School tracksuits can be worn all week. As part of Active School Week the annual Sports Day will be held on 18 June.


We will start off the day by celebrating our renewed Active School Status by raising the Active School Flag. Children need to bring in a small potato and spoon (dessert or soup) for the egg and spoon race and old tights for the 3 legged race. Don't forget a name on the items. If the weather is fine, and hopefully it will be, don't forget to apply suncream before school and allow children to bring it to school to re-apply.
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June 2018: All Girls Team Reaches Interschool Basketball Final
Congratulations to the all girls basketball team. They will be playing the Interschool Basketball League final on 15 June.

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30 May 2018: Announcement Music Generation Concert
Our annual Music Generation Concert was held on Wednesday 30th May at 7.00pm in St. Brigid’s Church, Clonegal. The Music Generation initiative provides vocal training for all classes. Every pupil in the school was involved and it is a showcase of the work they have done with Anita during the year. It was a wonderful night. The money raised goes towards paying for Music Generation classes next year.
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24 May 2018: Vocal Workshop
There was a “Vocal Workshop” organised by Music Generation for third class and up in George Bernard Shaw Theatre on the 24th of May.
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16 May 2018: To Be Continued...2018 - A Ben Markey's Story
This year’s “To Be Continued…. 2018” is Ben Markey’s story called “Coming Home” Pupils were invited to write the ending (500 words max) for the story started by Ben. Congratulations to our six young authors who had their stories published in the book:
Róisín Mulvihill Róisín
Carroll Ava Tracey

Jasmine Currey Nardin
Niall McGrath
Donnacha Cosgrave
The presentation of books took place in Our Lady of Lourdes NS on Wednesday 16th May. All of the authors received three copies of the book.
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May 2018: Announcement Music Generation Concert

Our annual Music Generation Concert will be held on Wednesday 30th May at 7.00pm in St. Brigid’s Church, Clonegal. The Music Generation initiative provides vocal training for all classes. Every pupil in the school will be involved and it is a showcase of the work they have done with Anita during the year. It will be a wonderful performance!


We are asking every family to make a huge effort and sell 4 tickets at €5 each for the concert. Extra tickets are available on request. The money raised goes towards paying for Music Generation classes next year. The tickets are numbered. Money and any unsold tickets must be returned to the school by Thursday 24th May at the latest. Please check your child’s schoolbag for the tickets.

20 April 2018: Winners Last Week of 5-Week Raffle
On 20 April we had our fifth and final draw for our 5-Week Raffle. One last thank you to all the families who made an effort to sell lines. Congratulations to the many winners:

Main prizes
- 1st prize (75 euro): Myles Balfe
- 2nd prize (50 euro): Redmond Family
- 3rd prize (30 euro): Noel Byrne

Seller prizes
- 1st prize (75 euro): Connor & Cillian Murphy
- 2nd prize (35 euro): Pauric Kelly

Other prizes (15 euro)
- Chloe & Craig Roberts
- Keira Gahan
- Adam Murphy
- Róisín Carroll
- Abbie & Jamie Gray

Full card sold (10 euro)
- Odhran & Ethan Butler
- Mrs. Austin
- Nathan Redmond
- Mrs. O'Rourke
- Ian Kealy

6 Lines or more sold (10 euro)
- Katie Tobin O' Reilly
- Ian Kealy
- Mrs. O'Rourke
- Keira Gahan
- Lorcan Kinsella


13 April 2018: Winners Third Week of 5-Week Raffle
Thank you again to all the families who made an effort to sell lines for our 5-Week Raffle. The fourth draw took place on 13 April. Congratulations to the following winners:
- 1st prize of 75 euro: Alison O'Reilly
- 2nd prize of 50 euro: Denise Austin
- 3rd prize of 30 euro: Sue Rooney

The last draw will take place on 20 April. Last chance to sell as many lines as possible – €3 per line per week. Please have the cards back by Wednesday, so we can get ready. Thank you for your continued support.

10 April 2018: Third Active School Flag Achieved
For the third year in a row we received our
Active School flag and we are very proud of this achievement! Monday 10th of April, we received our Active Flag in the post. Our committee went around the school to show each class! Well done everybody!
Click on 'Read more' below to read all about our journey, photos included.
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10 April 2018: Cyber Bullying Information Evening for Parents at 7.30pm
There will be a Cyber Bullying information evening for parents in Spellman Hall. The talk is been given by Mr. John Wills, Psychologist. The Board is requesting that at least one parent from each family in the school attend. This area is of increasing concern to us all, and will continue to be in the future. John has spoken in other local primary and secondary schools recently, and provides children and parents with the most up to date information. We need to take advantage of this opportunity and be proactive rather than reactive, both as parents and teachers.

10 April 2018: New Principal per 20 June
A new Principal has been sanctioned and ratified by the Board of Management. Her name is Mrs Mary Gallagher and she will take up her position as Principal of the school on the 20th of June. Until then Mrs Ryan will be Acting Principal. We have a qualified sub in place for Mrs Ryan’s class.

Goodbye to our Principal Mrs. Cosgrave
We wish to pay our sincerest gratitude to Anna Cosgrave for almost 12 years of her devotional services as Principal of Clonegal National School. She has been a great source of inspiration and motivation to many pupils and staff members who have passed through the doors of this school.
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23 March 2018: Winners Third Week of 5-Week Raffle
Thank you again to all the families who made an effort to sell lines for our 5-Week Raffle. The third draw took place on 23 March. Congratulations to the following winners:
- 1st prize of 75 euro: Ohran Breslin
- 2nd prize of 50 euro: Michael O'Brien
- 3rd prize of 30 euro: Sue Rooney

Please sell as many lines as possible each week – €3 per line per week. Have the cards back by Wednesday, so we can get ready for the next draw. Thank you for your continued support.

16 March 2018: Winners Second Week of 5-Week Raffle
Thank you to all the families who made an effort to sell lines for our 5-Week Raffle. The second draw took place on 16 March. Congratulations to the following winners:
- 1st prize of 75 euro: Aideen Cosgrave
- 2nd prize of 50 euro: Bernie Redmond
- 3rd prize of 30 euro: Francis Ronan

Please sell as many lines as possible each week – €3 per line per week. Have the cards back by Wednesday, so we can get ready for the next draw. Thank you for your continued support.

16 March 2018: Seachtain na Gaeilge from 1st - 17th March
It could only happen in Ireland – Seachtain na Gaeilge – Irish Language Week – runs from 1st to 17th March each year! It is an international Irish language festival and a great celebration of our Irish language and culture. We encourage the children to speak as much Irish as they can during this period. On 16th March we will celebrate 'Lá Glas' in school. Children are invited to wear green on the day and we will enjoy our annual celebration of Irish music, song and dance in the hall.
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9 March 2018: Winners First Week of 5-Week Raffle
Thank you to all the families who made an effort to sell lines for our 5-Week Raffle. The first draw took place on 9 March. Congratulations to the following winners:
- 1st prize of 75 euro: Breda Murphy
- 2nd prize of 50 euro: Rita Dillon
- 3rd prize of 30 euro: Ronan Cosgrave

Please sell as many lines as possible each week – €3 per line per week. Have the cards back by Wednesday, so we can get ready for the next draw. Thank you for your continued support.

8 March 2018: New Policy - Child Safeguarding Statement
The Child Safeguarding Statement provides an overview of the procedures and measures that Clonegal National School has in place to ensure, as far as practicable, that children are protected from harm. This in accordance with the requirements of the Children First Act 2015.
Read more (pdf)
Other policies

1 March 2018: 5-Week Raffle to Raise Funds for School Resources
Each year the school organizes a 5-Week Raffle to raise funds for school resources. The Capitation Grant paid to schools by the Department of Education just about covers items such as heating, light, insurance, etc. The Teaching Resources needed for your children, are, for the most part, paid for by the proceeds of this raffle.

This year the raffle will take place in the weeks starting on Thursday 1 March until Friday 20 April. Please sell as many lines as possible each week – €3 per line per week. There are several weekly prizes to be won. It would be very helpful if you could have the cards back on Wednesday of each week, so we can get ready for the draw.

21 February 2018: Just a Few Reminders

  • Board of Management stress that morning supervision of schoolyard is only provided from 9.10 - 9.20am. Children should not be on the premises before this time as there is no supervision.
  • Please do not park in the area in front of the school as it is needed for buses and taxis.
  • Due to serious allergies please do not include fish, eggs, kiwi, nuts, ground almonds and pulses such as peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. in lunchboxes. Please check that these items are not included in other foods – mayonnaise, hummus, etc.
  • Pupils who wear astro-turf runners to school are asked to bring a change of footwear as these runners bring in a huge amount of dirt and carpets are being ruined. A box will be provided to store shoes. Any light shoes/runners will be suitable for classroom wear.
  • Don't forget to keep an eye on the school calendar for upcoming events and holidays.
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31 January 2018: Accepting Enrolments for Next School Year
We are now accepting enrolments for school year 2018-2019. Please send in the completed enrolment form as soon as possible.
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31 January 2018: Grandparents Invited to Grandparents Day
On Wednesday 31 January 2018 we will celebrate Grandparents Day in school. The afternoon begins at 12.40pm in the Church where the grandparents receive a blessing. Then they are invited over to the school to visit the classrooms and share their memories and stories. After spending some time talking to the children and answering their questions, they can then enjoy a nice cup of tea and reminisce with the other grandparents.
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22 December 2017: Four Goats Purchased for Bóthar's Programme
Bóthar is our school’s selected charity and each year the pupils raise funds to purchase goats which will be sent to Africa to help needy families as part of Bóthar’s Programme. In 2017, on the day of the Christmas holidays, we presented a huge cheque for €1316.20 to Fr. Byrne for the Bóthar Appeal. More than double the amount that was raised last year! This allowed us to purchase 4 goats!
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22 December 2017: Christmas Celebrations in School
For weeks, pupils and their teachers were very busy practicing for the Christmas concert. Due to the size of St. Brigid’s Hall and the number of pupils in the school, 3 performances were held on 5, 6 and 7 December. Every pupil participated and the concert was a huge success!

On 21 December we went on our annual Christmas walk to Huntington Castle, wearing our Santa hats. And on the last day before the Christmas holidays we were very happy that Santa came to visit us in the school.
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December 2017: Winners Art Competitions

The local Credit Union organised an Art Competition for schools. We are delighted that some of our pupils are among the prizewinners.

Pupils who entered the Bunclody Vocational School Art competition received certificates for their work recently. The competition was open to 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils in the area.

Congratulations to the pupils who won prizes in the Christmas colouring competition organised by Peadar Waters.
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18 December 2017: Cooker for School from Sales Bunclody Bake Off
Congratulations to Ms Cawley and her class from last year who won the Bake Off competition, organised by Supervalu, Bunclody, which was open to all local schools. Their cinnemapple bread was on sale in Supervalu Bunclody during the year. Originally the school was to receive €1 for every cake sold during the year. 964 cakes were sold, but in their great generosity, Supervalu presented the school with a cheque for €1,500. Joe and David O'Reilly visited the school on 18th December to make the presentation. As the money was won for a baking competition, and all classes in the school like to do some baking, Ms Cawley has suggested that we buy a cooker for the school which could be installed in the staffroom. It would be possible to have cookery sessions in the staffroom and would be much more convenient than going across the road to the hall for cookery and checking on baking in the oven! The Board of Management will decide on the issue at their next meeting.
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10 December 2017: Winners 'Happy Halloween' Photo Competition
In November we held a Photo Competition based on “Happy Halloween”, to raise funds for the Music Generation Classes in the school. Tom Nolan, Photographer for the Nationalist Newspaper, judged the competition and took photographs of the winners of the Halloween Photo Competition.

1st Prize: Carla Byrne (€50 voucher for Wells House)
2nd Prize: Ellie Kirwan (€50 voucher for cinema in Carlow)
3rd Prize : Thomas Whitty (€20 cash prize)
4th, 5th & 6th Prize: Ciarán Murphy, Adam Walker and Ellie byrne Roberts (€10 cash prize)

Congratulations to the winners and a sincere thank you to the family involved for their generosity.
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8 December 2017: Intel Mini Scientist Competition
Congratulations to Ms Cauley and her class who competed in the Intel Mini Scientist competition recently. One group from her class was selected to represent the school in the Regional Finals in the Institute of Technology in Blanchardstown on 8th December. They were Isabel Whitty, Róisín, Róisín Carroll, Jack Doyle Brownrigg, Ryan Austin and Michael Rooney. The class had worked in groups to do their own projects. The winning project was on Diabetes. Judges from Intel visited the school on 13th October and selected the group to go forward to the Finals. Well done to Ms Cauley and all her class – especially the group which represented the school so well in Dublin.
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6 December 2017: Support the School and Buy your Christmas Tree in Bunclody

If you buy a Christmas tree from Peadar (Market Square in Bunclody) and nominate our school, he will make a donation to the school for every tree purchased. A very sincere thank you to Peadar for including us in his list of schools again this year.


28 November 2017: 154 Boxes Donated for Christmas Shoe Box Appeal
This school year, there was a wonderful response to the shoebox appeal, with families donating 154 boxes – 21 more than last year! Thank you to all who supported the appeal which will bring happiness and joy to children who receive far less presents than we do. Traditionally in Ireland, many children receive presents from their Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, Uncles etc. In many countries families are too poor to give presents to their relations. These are the families and children who will be delighted with your gifts. On Christmas morning, if you take a moment to think of the child who will open your box, you can feel very happy that you are bringing love and excitement to someone who will not get a lot of presents from other people.
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27 November 2017: Reserve Seats for Christmas Concert
Our annual Christmas Concert is fast approaching and everyone is very busy preparing for the show. Due to the size of St. Brigid’s Hall and the number of pupils in the school, we have decided to put on 3 performances again this year – a matinee and 2 evening performances.


Matinee show: Tuesday 5 December at 1.00pm

Wednesday show: 6 December at 7.00pm
Thursday show: 7 December at 7.00pm

Obviously, this will mean that both Infant classes will need to remain on until the show is over on 5th December – probably between 2.30 and 3.00pm.


Hopefully we will have a good attendance for each of the shows. Family, relations, friends and members of the local community are very welcome to attend and support the children. Please let us know how many people will attend from your family/friends etc and which show would be their first preference. Last time, it happened naturally that the attendance was fairly evenly divided between the matinee and the two nights. Hopefully the same will happen this year – otherwise I may need to ask people to change to a less heavily supported show.


Please book your tickets through the school office asap as the hall has limited capacity and tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis. There is no charge for attendance at the show, but traditionally we have had a donation box at the door. The proceeds will go towards purchasing two Goats for Bóthar. Please support generously.


21 November 2017: Used Clothes Collection on 5 December
If you are tidying out your presses and making more space, please consider donating your unwanted items to our Used Clothes Collection. The collection will take place on Tuesday 5 December. Please have all items, tied plastic bags, in the school before 9.30 am.

You can donate all your clean, unwanted clothes, shoes, belts, bags, soft toys, and household textiles i.e. curtains, towels, and bed linen. Wearable clothes will be recycled and re-used and other items will be recycled for items, such as, industrial wipes or soundproofing. The following will not be collected: laptops, mobile phones, mats, duvets, pillows, carpets, dirty/wet clothing, and books. Thank you for your support and taking the time and effort to support our fundraising drive.

24 November 2017: Christmas Annuals Available to Order
The Christmas Annuals are available to order from two companies: for 2 euro each and Folens for 3 euro each. You can order as many as you like by filling out the order form, which was put in your child's school bag. Please put the order form and the money in an envelope and return it to the school on or before 24 November. No orders can be taken after this date. Order forms available in the school office.

17 November 2017: 'Happy Halloween' Photo Competition
A family has again, very generously, volunteered to sponsor a Photo Competition to raise funds for the Music Generation Classes in the school. The concert in June raised €1,487. Cost of classes for the year is €3,710. The photo competition will be based on “Happy Halloween”, so please get the camera/phone ready! It would be wonderful if every family could enter at least one photo.

Entry fee is €5 per photo. Please have them in by 17 November. Tom Nolan, Photographer for the Nationalist, has agreed to judge the competition and can publish the winning photos in The Nationalist.

1st Prize: €50 voucher for Wells House. Free entrance for a car of 7 people plus free tour of the house.
2nd Prize: €50 voucher for cinema in Carlow.
3rd Prize : €20 cash prize
4th, 5th & 6th Prize: €10 cash prizes

A sincere thank you to the family involved for their continuing generosity. Please show your appreciation by participating in the competition.

10 November 2017: Christmas Shoe Box Appeal
Imagine the smiling face of a young boy or girl in Africa or Eastern Europe as he/she receives a Christmas box filled with small gifts and treats. Then imagine that you filled that box and brought that smile to his/her face. Isn’t that the true Christmas spirit – bringing happiness and joy to each other and to those who are less fortunate than us?

Please support this very worthwhile initiative to bring happiness to poor children at Christmas. Boxes need to be returned on or before 10 November. Please enclose €4 with each box.
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30 October 2017: Scary creatures in school for Halloween
Again this year our school was a haven of witches, vampires, ghosts, goblins and many other scary creatures on 27th October as pupils and teachers dressed in their “Halloween Best”! There was great excitement in the school yard that morning as friends waited to see who would arrive next and what costume they would wear.
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27 October 2017: Halloween Celebrations
Children are invited to dress up for Halloween on Friday 27th October. On the day we will have our yearly Halloween walk to Huntington Castle and a Halloween assembly in the hall during the day. Please note that children are not allowed to carry any dangerous/sharp implements in the school grounds or on the walk. Masks are not allowed either - all for safety reasons. Children may wear face paints and/or hair spray if applied at home, but are not allowed to bring them in to the school.

The Parents Council invites all children to the Halloween Party, held from 5 to 7pm in Ben Mulhall Complex in Clonegal.
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13 October 2017: National Day of Prayer for Children
October is Mission month and since 2007 the Society of Missionary Children has celebrated the National Day of Prayer for Children on the 2nd Friday of every October. This year it was celebrated on Friday 13th October. A Prayer Service was held in Carlow Cathedral for pupils from local schools. It was led by Bishop Nulty. Mrs Cosgrave accompanied a group of children from the school who attended the Prayer service. The children who attended were Shanna-May Brennan, Áine Sharry, Ava-Mai Moynihan, Daniel Cronin, Keith Gray, Nathan Redmond, Thomas Sharry and Cillian Jeffers.
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27 September 2017: Primary Schools Cross Country
Congratulations to all the boys and girls, who participated in the Schools Cross Country event, in the Carlow Hurling Club, on Wednesday 27th September. 27 pupils, accompanied by Mrs Warren, braved the pouring rain and enjoyed the event. There were events for boys and girls. The 4th class event was 800 metres, 5th class was 1000 metres and 6th class had to run 1,200 metres. The event was organised by the St. Laurence O’ Toole’s Athletic club, Carlow. A special word of congratulations to Róisín Carroll who was placed 3rd in the 6th class race. This is the 3rd year in succession that Róisín was among the medal winners at the event.
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18 September 2017: Tullow Show
We had 9 winners in this year’s Tullow Show Competition – in the art and handwriting sections. There was a prizegiving ceremony in Tullow Community School on 18th September. We were absolutely delighted to learn that the school was the first winner of a new “Special Needs Perpetual Trophy”.
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8 September 2017: Swimming lessons
Swimming lessons have commenced for all pupils from 1st-6th class and the ASD classes. As there has been an increase in numbers, Graiguecullen Pool could not accommodate all our pupils in one session. Therefore 2nd and 6th class pupils attend on different day. The programme will continue for 10 weeks.

8 September 2017: Apple Harvesting
When we returned from our summer holidays we were delighted to see that our apple tree was weighed down with beautiful red apples. There were so many of them the branches were almost touching the ground. They looked scrumptious! On Friday, 8th September, we decided to harvest them. Every class got their turn to pick some apples. We brought them back to the classroom and divided them between us. They were delicious and so juicy. We had a lovely evening, in the sunshine, picking our rosy red apples!
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6 September 2017: Summer Reading Challenge
Well done to all the pupils who completed or participated in the Summer Reading Challenge in the local Libraries. Reading is such a worthwhile pastime and the Library challenge is always a great incentive to read during the Summer holidays. Those who participated in Bunclody Library received their certs and medals in the school on Wednesday 6th September. The pupils were Ava Byrne, Ethan Butler, Odhran Butler, Amber Cleary, Emma Cleary, Amy Rose Dillon, Grace Ennis, Joshua Ennis, May Hogan, Ian Kealy, Ella Keogh, Ellie Kirwan, Aoife McGrath, Niall McGrath, Farrah Murphy, Ellie Roberts, Oliwia Romaniec, Ava Tracey, Ben Tracey, David Whitty, Isabel Whitty and Thomas Whitty. Pupils who participated but didn’t complete the challenge received certs. They were Megan Doyle, Shaun Doyle, Sean Dunne, Pauric Kelly, Ava Mai Moynihan, Leah Murphy and Darragh Plunkett. Congratulations to everyone involved.
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1 September 2017: Beginning of the Year Newsletter
Welcome back to everyone and I hope you all had a lovely Summer break. As we begin another school year, I want to thank you very sincerely for your support of my work as principal and your support of the teachers in the school. This support is very important for the smooth running of the school and it is genuinely appreciated. I look forward to working with you and your children during the coming year. Please feel welcome in the school at all times and make an appointment to discuss any concerns at a mutually convenient time. If you wish to contact me by phone, the best time would be between 11.15 and 12.30 each day. If I’m not available at other times, I will return your call as soon as possible. Please find useful information below.
Read Newsletter (pdf)
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June 2017: Book Rental and Supplies for Next School Year
Book Rental for next school year will remain at €40 per child, with €10 extra for Junior and Senior Infants to cover cost of copies, pencils, folders, etc. For First to Sixth class a book and supply list was sent out with the reports. You can purchase the iron-on badge for the school uniform at the school office for 2.30 euro each.


June 2017: Reflecting on work and activities during the 2016-2017 school year
As we come to the end of this school year, it is time to reflect on the work and activities that have taken place during the year. No doubt your children are tired and ready for their summer break – I’m sure you are too as are all staff members. It has been a very busy year and hopefully we will all have plenty of time to re-charge our batteries and enjoy the sunshine. I wish each of you a very happy and safe Summer holiday period. The school will re-open on 31st August.
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