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Goodbye to our Principal Mrs. Cosgrave

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We wish to pay our sincerest gratitude to Anna Cosgrave for almost 12 years of her devotional services as Principal of Clonegal National School.

She has been a great source of inspiration and motivation to many pupils and staff members who have passed through the doors of this school. With her guidance, support and presence she has always encouraged pupils to strive to be the best they can be.

During her time with us, the school has grown so much and she has accomplished many impressive achievements, such as setting up the ASD unit, managing multiple building projects, restoring the school gardens, just to name a few. Her leadership qualities and dedication will be cherished forever.

Her creativity, insights and ideas are the soul factors behind the success of this school. May this school continue to shine with its success and glories. Even though we are sad to say goodbye, we pray for her well being and wish her a very happy retired life!

Dear Parents
I want to say a really heartfelt thank you to all of you who were so kind and thoughtful to me on the occasion of my retirement from the school. I was genuinely overwhelmed by the good wishes and support of the Staff, the Pupils, the Parents Council, individual Parents and indeed many Past Pupils and Parents. I really appreciate the warmth and good will which surrounded my departure from the school. A very sincere thank you to all for your good wishes, cards, Mass Bouquets, flowers and gifts.

I would like again to say a heartfelt thanks to all those who gave me such wonderful and genuine support in my role since I was appointed as Principal in September 2006. It was a real privilege to serve as Principal of such an enthusiastic school. I have fantastic memories of my time with you – memories of the pupils and their parents, both past and present, who really made my work worthwhile, supportive and amazing colleagues and friends who shared my vision of a happy and progressive school, Parents Council members who dedicated their time and energy to the development of the school, and to the Boards of Management who supported the development of the school into a modern, well resourced environment for your children.

I wish the new Principal of the school every happiness and success when he/she is appointed and takes the school to the next exciting chapter in it's history. Again I want to thank you for all your kindness, support, loyalty and indeed many genuine friendships formed over the years.

I wish God's blessings on the Pupils, Parents, Staff, Parents Council and Board of Management into the future.

Le gach dea-mhéin

Anna Cosgrave